What a price for a life


Supervisor at the Fleury-Mérogis prison, David leads a quiet life between his work, which is not always easy, and the two women in his life, Mélodie and their granddaughter Sandra.

But fate is sometimes not gentle with those who seem to have everything to be happy.

Suffering from a serious illness, little Sandra must undergo a vital intervention abroad. David therefore has only one thing in mind: finding enough money to finance the operation.

When Jacques Fortes, a dangerous criminal reigning supreme over his fellow prisoners, offered to help him, David was wary, but ended up accepting the unacceptable.

Then begins a terrible face-to-face between Fortes and David, like a closed eight that only the hope of a remission for Sandra comes to temper.

Faced with the terrible spiral of organized crime, trapped by the henchmen of Fortes and the poisonous charm of the troubling Maria, what price will David have to pay to save his daughter?

Will he go so far as to endanger his family?

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