The Seven Keys to the Dark Portal


Commissioner Alexander, a young almost 40-year-old police officer, accompanied by his teammate Lieutenant Victorian, responds to a request for assistance, and will soon find himself on a double homicide.
He discovers a scene of horror, of the most macabre and monstrous cruelty, in an apartment where everything was devastated as after the passage of a hurricane.
Following this discovery, he will very quickly find himself confronted with paranormal phenomena; a sneaky enemy who can transform himself, manipulate people, and even make himself invisible, now has some after him.
He will have to fight him without knowing his face, which will make his investigation more difficult and more complicated, but above all more dangerous, because his life depends on his results.
Then a meeting with the priest Georges teaches him that he has the delicate mission of saving a young girl from the clutches of a diabolical entity; but from then on, he will be confronted with it, who comes to visit him in his dreams, every night, wearing an icy smile and wanting to lead him into the world of darkness.
So he’s going to take on the hard task of removing this young girl from the hooks of this harmful essence, of which he knows nothing.
An investigation carried out at full speed, from Paris to Châteauroux, and which will make you discover another world, that of darkness.
Will he find and save the one he swore to rescue?



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