Revenge sometimes takes forms that the mind cannot imagine …

The victim of a serious road accident from which she miraculously survives, the young Cynthia will have a most disturbing experience.

Premonitions, apocalypse visions, telekinesis …

From her passage between the two worlds, she returns among the living with terrifying powers.

Convinced that she was saved because she has a mission to accomplish, Cynthia sets off in search of the truth: why do we want to silence her by pretending to be crazy?

Trapped by enemies she will have to get to know, it is with the help of the attractive lieutenant Wigbert that she faces her destiny.

When misfortune hits his loved ones; Cynthia, touched in the heart, turns into a true warrior, revealing herself to be of implacable cruelty.

Borrowing its codes from the world of vigilantes with extraordinary and formidable powers, murderous impulses keep the reader in suspense until a conclusion which is far from signifying the end of the fight.

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