Code XZP 417 : Revenge of women


Brilliant, sexy, fearless … Monica and Barbara have a lot more in common than you might think. Raised a few kilometers apart, they have strangely similar paths: after brilliant studies, one is become an engineer and incidentally a hacker, the other professional soldier and special forces agent. A man is going to do them face to face: Paul Lecour, doctor of physics working for the army.

When the latter is murdered, the lives of the two young women are completely turned upside down, and their nerves put to the test.

Separated by life, but intended to be reunited, Monica and Barbara are like two facets of the same person, endowed with a disturbing ability to communicate with each other …
Two funny ladies who are not shy and who are determined to prove it.

Thanks to a skilful construction which gives pride of place to suspense, Jean-Pierre BURNER takes us on an exciting affair, between espionage and terrorism, at the same time as he paints the portrait of two women of action with an extraordinary destiny.


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