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The Seven Keys to the Dark Portal


Commissioner Alexander, a young almost 40-year-old police officer, accompanied by his teammate Lieutenant Victorian, responds to a request for assistance, and will soon find himself on a double homicide.
He discovers a scene of horror, of the most macabre and monstrous cruelty, in an apartment where everything was devastated as after the passage of a hurricane.
Following this discovery, he will very quickly find himself confronted with paranormal phenomena; a sneaky enemy who can transform himself, manipulate people, and even make himself invisible, now has some after him.

Originally from Martinique, I was forced to leave it in 1977 to do my military service.

At the end of my service, I did various odd jobs before finding myself in the prison environment walking the passageways as a prison supervisor for more than thirty years.

In order to escape this daily life, it is my pen that I appeal to by imagining stories that will later become novels, with a preference for the detective, the thriller, science fiction and espionage, that is, is from there that was born: The Burner Editions!

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